Meet Doris!

I’d like to introduce to you the wicked little Renault Traffic named Doris. She was the reliable beast Elvi and I found after only having been in London 3 days.


And she was exactly what we were after. But having the opportunity to purchase her though proved harder than we had initially thought. The moment she appeared on Gumtree we jumped onto calling good old Baz (Barry). But with enquiring in the car we were upset with the reply that he had already organised with another lady to come inspect her, though he assured us that if she didn’t take the van that we could come though next and have a look. This was a bit of a downer but that was that. To our good luck Barry called me back up later that day and sure enough the originally lady had actually pulled out of the inspection as work, or something didn’t allow her to get away. And luckily as were the second to have called Barry and that he was a fair chap as during that day he had received over 10 calls from interested parties of which come had offered him cash straight up without even needing to inspect the car first – That’s how good this van was!

So off we rushed that night to go check her out – All our assumptions of the car were right. She was in great knick and drove well. And I felt confident that should would be able to roam us around Europe without any major mechanical issues.